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Apache Tracker is a resource about survival, being a Physical and Spiritual warrior, and oneness with nature or "the spirit that moves in all things." I named this site in honor of the Apache. The Apache was the ultimate, survivor, warrior, guerrilla fighter, and lived in tune with his surroundings, on a spiritual and physical level. However you will find many other topics of interest on this site. Tracking is a mind set and awareness that goes beyond the physical to all levels, including the spiritual.

"THUNDER" (wakiya)

"THUNDER" (wakiya)

About the Author

"Wakiya" (Thunder)

About the Author
Roger Thunderhands Gilbert is an accomplished writer, musician, and artist. In his lifetime, he has done many things. These would include aviation, the martial arts, and a life long study of spiritual and tribal ritual. In the martial arts, his study has included three disciplines, Aikido, Kung Fu San Soo, and Tai Chi. He also worked with the Special Forces in a training capacity. In the field of aviation, he obtained his private, commercial, and instrument ratings as a pilot, with multi-engine, and flight instructor qualifications. He learned tracking as a boy and has worked with the sheriff’s search and rescue in that capacity. His spiritual knowledge includes in-depth study, and personal experience, with many shamanistic and esoteric practices. He is a practitioner of Kriya yoga, Kundalini yoga, Tantrika, and Chinese inner alchemy. In addition, he received his certificate in acupressure and uses several modalities for healing. He considers himself an authority on the Biblical teachings of Yeshua or Jesus, but considers himself spiritual, not religious. And last but not least, he has done an exhaustive study and been an activist of North American Native tribes and ritual. His own roots are of M├ętis descent, and his spirituality is universal.


Earth Houses

Compared to traditional residential houses built on the ground, the aim of building an earth house is another: Not to live under or in the ground, but with it. The earth house is a flexible construction which can be built according to the wishes of its owners, fulfilling the need for individuality, environmentally friendly construction and energy saving. The earth house concept uses its surroundings as an advantage – the surroundings are not adapted to the building, the house is shaped in order to preserve the natural environment. Modern earth-house architecture incorporates the latest interior finishing, such as contemporary kitchens, bathrooms and house-control systems.

As an energy efficient home, underground homes excel, as the ground temperature varies little, so little heating or cooling is necessary, and the home can be impervious to outdoor environment. Natural heating and cooling can save as much as 85% on your energy bill.

Comment: I have been thinking about this a long time, so I went to my computer art program quite some time ago and pieced together what I thought would be an awesome cave dwelling,,with indoor fireplace, bath or hot tub, fire place, drum, sacred pipe, sleeping space and of course I added a companion too. That's extra and not included in the construction. (laughs) -Thunder


  1. Seems nice, I have often thought of such dwellings,however many things to be considered; such as :


    and other things as well...

    brings me to the conclusion that the tipee is the proper one, moving about as the Spirit leads one to.

    Looks like your computer art program has you nice and cozy...

  2. I read your comment and the link to mother earth magazine. Sounds like a Government conspiracy to keep us from being close to mother earth. LOL! I would have to have a look at the empirical research. So far it sounds like the planet, universe and mans manipulation of the environment are all out to get us.
    So lets see, The sun is bad (sunspots and radiation), the earth is dangerous, radon from the elements, the air is far from clean, because as a pilot when I used to fly above the earth at ten thousand feet, I saw nothing but a brown haze (pollution). The oceans and most water sources are polluted, not much hope left. (laughs) or maybe I should cry. Since our body is composed of mostly water maybe we should find the cleanest water there is (is there any?) and live in it and drink lots of it. I was told that Radon concentration is high in Sedona AZ, one of the most spiritual places on earth supposedly. But yet there are energy spiritual energy vortexes there, I guess. And most food is processed and contaminated. Unless you can afford, or have access to organic food.

    I can say one thing. I feel good in nature,,,and the animals all seem to do rather well in the ground. Chipmunks, squirrels, prairie dogs, and other four leggeds that burrow into the earth. Of course that may come into question at some point also. (laughs)..

    I think the stress from thinking about all this is enough to kill us first, so why worry.

    Maybe our lesson in this life is to be our own masters of thought,and get beyond the duality of what is right and wrong, good or bad, and all other concepts that are limiting, and create our own reality or unreality, otherwise life could be hell. We all return to Mother earth sooner or later anyway, and life is like a fire-fly flashing in the night. Almost, and probably is all a dream.